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  • Vintage Cara Gray - Primocon
  • Vintage Cara Gray - Primocon
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Vintage Cara Gray

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Vintage Cara series has the magic for beauty among low-key to high-key soul perfectly. 

The design color may looking bright from photo, but trust us, it just look fine when wearing on eyes, not too sharp!

You can even handle it nicely without makeup! 

This design is the big diameter lens & it does comes with BIG enlargement effect too. 

Color: Brown & Gray

Honestly, both brown & gray colors also can try, because both also consider as MUST TRY ! 

Vintage Care系列本身就是一款拥有结合高调与低调的美丽魔法设计。






颜色:Brown & Gray

老实说,brown & gray你们都必试啊!真的都是安全色来的!不用怕灰色太亮!真的不会!完全是可以包色的~

Dia: 14.5mm

Water Content: 38%

Base Curve: 8.8