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  • Ophelia Gray - Primocon
  • Ophelia Gray - Primocon
  • Ophelia Gray - Primocon
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Ophelia Gray

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Ophelia series is created with the intention to help the ladies to immerse beauty around them in their home and work environment. Nonetheless, dating purpose as well. We wish to give a natural beauty effect on eyes for the ladies with Ophelia series, which perfectly fit in various environments. 

Again, we have to highlight that QUALITY is still our main concern of all. We always ensure the lens quality with high comfortability level, so that you can wear it without worries.

Next, we tuned both brown and gray color to the tone which is suitable with Asian skin tone, so that it won’t look too contrasty when you wear it on eyes. And yes, it’s suitable on naked eyes too with some eye enhancement effect. 

Yes, you must really try it on to experience the awesomeness of Primocon lenses.

Diameter: 14.3mm

Water content: 43%