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  • Mona Gray - Primocon
  • Mona Gray - Primocon
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Mona Gray

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This series designed to blend naturally with our pupil color, it looks even more natural with the outer ring in light choco color in order to create the natural Asian-mixed’s eye looks.

这款主打自然混血感,为了创造那种更自然的感觉 我们在设计里埋了小心机 让lens的颜色与眼珠的颜色美美地融合一起 还有当然也少不了浅得快看不出的浅可可色外圈 x 两色都得入手 很难抉择的一款!棕色有梦幻感 灰色的让眼睛更温柔 💯😍 对了 这款不挑眼妆噢 大家都能驾驭的款式!


Dia: 14.0mm

Water Content: 43%

Base Curve: 8.6